Muyiwa’s Quotes

“….problems and opportunities are actually the same thing, however, your reality in any situation depends on the way you see it”

“…if you really want to live a fulfilled, prosperous and a life of impact, your actions must always align with your vision and not with traditions or what other people are doing”

“People who have vision for their life control those who don’t have”

Every life situations or circumstances remain the way they are unless they are acted upon”

“Life does not reward man for what he gets but for what he gives”

“Conforming blindly to traditions and culture without questioning is the most formidable enemy of progress and development”

“Human beings cannot develop beyond the capacity of their mind, when your mind stops growing you stop growing”

“What you become in life is a reflection of who you are inside your mind”

“You will only succeed to the extent of your capacity to solve problems”

“If you don’t have a vision for your life, you will definitely not have any goal for your life. When you don’t have goals for your life, you will have no other option than to help other people pursue their goals and thereby make them successful while you live a mediocre life”

“Quality thinking leads to success while hard work without thinking results in nothing but mediocrity”

“Your capacity to attract resources to meet your needs is directly proportional to your capacity to meet other people’s needs”

“Doing ordinary things in extraordinary manner produces extraordinary results”

“You can achieve more with far less effort in life if you work smart rather than work hard.”

“For every liability, there must be an asset working hard to finance it. This is the definite route to financial freedom and prosperity”

“Real Wealth is not defined by material possessions, rather, it is the product of man’s capacity to think and come up with solutions to problems around him”

“The level of your aspiration determines the versatility, effectiveness and greatness of ideas and solutions that come out of your thinking and imagination process. So if you want to achieve great things in life, you need to drop all those small aspirations and start aspiring for big things”