Tapping into the Power of the Bible

Most people including large chunk of those who claim to be Christians grossly underutilize the potentials of God’s Words in the Bible. I know human being by nature always act in a particular manner either negative or positive for a reason or several reasons, though at times the reasons might not be genuine. In this case, I have been thinking in my mind to figure out the reasons people fail to tap fully into the Bible potential. And eventually, from my observation, I noticed four major reasons. The first one is ignorance, the second is misinterpretation, the third is narrow-mindedness and the fourth is lack of self-discipline to obey universal principles. In the rest of this write-up, I will discuss the first three of these reasons in more details. You can read about the lack of self-discipline in my post for last week by clicking here.

Ignorance of the Word

Because of laziness, most Bible carrying Christians don’t read it and consequently they don’t really know what is inside the greatest book they carry around. The best they know about it is what they were told by other people. That is why it is not uncommon to see people misquoting the Bible. A very good example of this is money is the root of evil. The Bible does not say money is the root of evil, what is actually in the Bible is: for the love of money is the root of all evil (1Timothy 6:10). Most Christians have ignorantly accepted the fallacy that money is the root of all evil to such extent that they have come to term to live in penury. They are ignorant of the fact that God even pronounced His blessing on us to be fruitful, multiply and have dominion in the book of Genesis 1:28.

Ignorance simply means lack of knowledge. And it has capacity not only to limit people’s potential but is also a deadly disease. That is why the Scripture says that: my people are destroyed for lack of knowledge. (Hosea 4:6)

Misinterpretation of the Word

Another reason people often fail to take advantage of the word of God in the Bible is misinterpretation. The root cause of misinterpretation most often comes from wicked spiritual leaders who are trying to justify their wrong doings or failure with the word of God in the Bible. These leaders often quote bad precedent in the Bible out of context. They will not go further to look at the negative implication of the precedent they are applying to support their case. In the process, they misguide and confuse their followers who will then begin to apply the wrong interpretation in their life. My advice to people here is that when somebody is trying to defend his point with a Bible verse and you want to apply same to your life, please don’t be too lazy, go and read the full story in the Bible first. This will give you a complete perspective of the whole story.


The Bible is More Than Spiritual. In fact, it’s a Complete Life Guide for successful living. Also, there is no doubt about the fact that our world operates on universal principles. The Bible contains all these timeless laws as it pertain to every area of our lives. These principles work for just anybody who obeys them even including those who don’t know the Lord. This explains why you can see successful unbelievers. Unfortunately, most Christians put themselves at unnecessary disadvantage in life by limiting the application of universal principles in the Bible only to spiritual matters. Narrowing down the timeless principles in the Bible to only spiritual issues is one of the major limitations most Christians place on themselves. People have the wrong mindset that anything in the Bible is solely spiritual. But this is not true; the Bible is a complete life guide. It addresses every aspects of human life – spiritual, relationship, leadership, career, material, financial, health, economy and many more. You can always get solutions to every life problem in the Bible.

Spirituality Should be an Advantage

It is very pertinent to make it clear that we should stop deceiving ourselves with spirituality and consequently miss out on several great opportunities the universal principles in the Bible offer us to live a fulfilled life. As Christians, spirituality should be an advantage, but unfortunately most people have turned it into a major disadvantage by narrowing down the application of God’s Words to only spiritual matters. Spirituality will give you an undue advantage over the unbelievers if you expand your view of the God’s principles in the Bible and apply them to every areas of your life.

The Better Perspective

Failure to tap fully into the potentials of God’s word denies us of our blessings and consequently limits our ability to become the best God wants us to be. Going forward, let us throw away narrow-mindedness and expand our horizon when it comes to application of universal principles in the Bible. There is need for a paradigm shift from narrow-mindedness to universal-mindedness when it comes to application of the principles in the Bible. This is the better perspective that will help you to reap the full benefits of the Words of God in the Bible. My honest advice is this: start applying the principles in the Bible to every aspect of your life and you will experience dramatic positive changes.

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this write-up. If you are blessed by this message, please forward it to your loved ones. If you’d like to have this topic presented as a seminar in your organization, kindly contact me on: +2348023277203 or send an e-mail to muyiwaokeola@gmail.com

Thank you for reading.


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