Birds in the Bush are Opportunities Waiting to be Exploited

Many people see failure as something very bad consequently; they do whatever they can to avoid it, even when it means remaining on the same spot in life. Such people justify their decision with various excuses. Some people say “a bird at hand worth two in the bush”. But please let me make it clear to you, this statement is very far from the truth. It is not a fact but somebody’s opinion. And decisions base on opinion are always very wrong and often lead people astray. This kind of statement is just an excuse put up long in the past by somebody who was afraid of venturing out of his comfort zone. Unfortunately, many people ignorantly adopt this philosophy in running their life. When you internalize such statements they just create a mindset which places serious limitation on your capacity to realize your full potential. Therefore, from this moment on, you need to start seeing the birds in the bush as opportunities for you to increase, and realize your full potential. Birds in the bush are opportunities waiting to be exploited. They are out there waiting and begging to be grabbed only by men and women who are bold enough to leave their comfort zone.

You have the capacity and whatever it takes to grab as many of these opportunities as possible if only you are willing to get out of your shell and take a dive. Do you realize that, if a caterpillar become comfortable in its cocoon and consequently refuse to get out of it, the caterpillar will never be able to fly? If you want to start flying, you must get out of your cocoon and take some risk. Your cocoon is your comfort zone. Just as good is enemy of great, comfort zone is enemy of progress in your life.

My message is this, if there is an opportunity for you to go into the bush and catch more birds go out there and catch as many as possible. Don’t limit yourself! If you look around, you will see that successful people are not afraid of failure. They are not contented with a bird in their hand. They are willing to risk a bird in hand to take advantage of opportunities around them. They are never comfortable with their comfort zone. Such people are never satisfied with the status quo. They see failure as part of the process of success. When they fail, they learn from their mistake and move forward.

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