Are You Prepared for the Global Economic Meltdown?

Someone said “always prepare for the bad days and you will only know the good days.” If you have the illusion that the global economic meltdown is over, you need to have a rethink of your position and wake-up to the reality. USA, the world economic superpower credit rating was downgraded recently by S&P. Spain, Italy and Portugal credit ratings were also downgraded. And if you have been following the news, you will realize that Greek economy is on the brink of collapse.

With the globalization no country of the world is immune from the effect of the global economic meltdown. If the developed economies are feeling the impact so hard, it’s just a matter of time the more serious impact will be felt in developing countries.

The question now is: are you prepared to deal with and survive the negative impact of the global economic crash? Don’t forget that unlike developed countries where the governments often come to the aid of their citizens, being a citizen of a developing economy, you are always on your own (OYO). There is no bailout for you. Your financial destiny is in your hands. It is not the hands of the government, neither is it in the hands of your employers who will equally be looking for bailout. That is if they have not started seeking for aid already, Greece is a real life example. Considering this fact, the question you should ask yourself is: how long can you survive without your paid employment? And if you are a business owner, can your business survive the ripple effect of mass unemployment?

Once again; how prepared are you? I want you to remember the quote I started with “always prepare for the bad days and you will only know the good days.” You need to start preparing for the bad financial days now so that you will only know the good financial days. The preparation goes beyond just saving money; don’t forget that you can only access your money if only your bank survive the meltdown. Capital market investment will only help only if the company you invested in also survives the impending economic crises. People who invested in the recently nationalized banks or companies whose stocks were delisted will understand what I am talking about.

Now, the obvious fact is that the traditional approach to our personal finance cannot work in the new world order. You need a change of strategy not only to survive during crisis but also to secure financial freedom. You need to know the secret of the rich which are not taught in schools and are jealously kept by the rich.

In the new world order, the first rule of financial freedom is APPLIED KNOWLEDGE. If you are interested in your financial wellbeing and that of your family, taketheLEAD is offering a life opportunity to learn and apply the principles that guarantee financial freedom through its taketheLEAD into Your Financial Freedom seminar.

If you’d like to attend taketheLEAD into Your Financial Freedom seminar, and you are yet to register please follow the registration process below.


Just follow the simple steps below to register

Pay =N=7,500 cash into GTBank account number: 0001323411, Account Name: Muyiwa Oke (PLS NOTE THAT PYMT WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED AT THE VENUE)

Text your name, Deposit slip number, your phone number, email to 08023277203. Please follow this format: name*deposit slip number*phone number*email. Alternatively, you can send the same details to

The venue: NDM Center (Opp  Diamond Bank), Plot CL. 2 Ikosi Road (Daystar Christian Centre Str)

Date:          22nd Oct, 2011

Time:         12 p.m Prompt

For further enquiries, please call 08023277203 or 08188899704

taketheLEAD into Your Financial Freedom  seminar, one seminar, life changing experience!


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  1. abo says:

    This is a must for bankers in particular.

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