taketheLEAD into Your Financial Freedom!


Are you always overwhelmed with fear and anxiety when this thought comes to your mind or when there is an impending downsizing in your place of work? The question you should ask yourself is: “Why am  I anxious or afraid?”

The truth of the matter is that people are very anxious and afraid of losing their job because they are not financially free to take care of our needs. In a very simple term they have money problem. The feeling of fear and anxiety is not peculiar to people who just started working, even those who have worked for 10 – 20 years and are earning 7 digits monthly are not exempted. You can confirm this fact from people on these so call senior levels. In fact, their own situations are even worse than those who are just starting. So if you are just starting, the question I want to ask you is: do you want to wait for 10, 15 or 20 years before you realize that even climbing to the senior level does not solve your financial problem? And if you are already earning close to or above 7 digits monthly and you know that you are just one paycheck away from financial calamity, don’t you think something is wrong?

But isn’t there a better way to live than clinging on to a job with fear and anxiety? Of course, there is, and that way is to secure financial freedom! However, I want you to understand that earning big salary is not financial freedom! Otherwise, someone who has been earning 7 digits monthly for some years should not be afraid of losing his job. So, the question now is: what is financial freedom? Financial Freedom is a situation where you can pay all your bills for life without having to work again. At this point, you only work because you want to do it for pleasure or satisfaction not because you have to.

Just in case you think this is not realistic, the truth of the matter is, some people are experiencing it. These calibers of people understand the principles of financial freedom and have taken advantage of these laws. Such people only work for fun. And the irony of it is that, at times, they even earn better than those who are working under compulsion.

Wouldn’t you rather join them and begin to enjoy a better life of financial freedom? If your answer is yes, it is very simple to join them. Whether you are just starting on a paid employment or you are already on 7 digits monthly pay or you own your business but live with fear and anxiety of not enough money, you can become financially free. All you need to do is to learn the secrets of Financial Freedom. You may be wondering, how do I learn these secrets. Don’t worry about this; taketheLEAD is organizing a seminar tagged – taketheLEAD into Your Financial Freedom! where the secrets of financial freedom will be revealed to everyone in attendance. Living with fear and anxiety of not having enough money to take care of you immediate and future needs will become a thing of the past if you attend this seminar and put the principles that will be thought into practice.

George S. Clason said; “Our acts can be no wiser than our thoughts. Our thinking can be no wiser than our understanding.” Therefore, to become financially wise and consequently become financially free, come and learn and understand the rules of Financial Freedom!


Just follow the simple steps below to register for the seminar

  1. Pay =N=7,500 cash into GTBank account number: 0001323411, Account Name: Muyiwa Oke (PLS NOTE THAT PYMT WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED AT THE VENUE)
  2. Text your name, Deposit slip number, your phone number, email to 08023277203. Please follow this format: name*deposit slip number*phone number*email. Alternatively, you can send the same details to takethelead.ng@gmail.com

The venue: NDM Center (Opp  Diamond Bank), Plot CL. 2 Ikosi Road (Daystar Christian Centre Str)

Date:          22nd Oct, 2011

Time:         12 p.m Prompt

For further enquiries, please call 08023277203 or 08188899704


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  1. nike says:

    Well done. This is g8

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