Change Your Perspectives, Change Your life!

What do you see, problems or opportunities? The way you see situations and things in life depends on your perspective. There is a popular quote which says “life is the way you see it” I totally agree with this statement. However, I will like to rephrase the statement as; your reality in life is the way you see and deal with situations as well as things around you. Considering the fact that our perspectives affect the way we see things, it can be logically concluded that we can change our lives by changing our perspectives. Actually, situations in life can be grouped into two broad categories: Problems and Opportunities. Whether a given situation is categorized as a problem or an opportunity depends on the personality or the mindset of the person who is involved. If the character involved has negative attitudes, he will have only negative perspective about things around him and consequently he sees problems. On the other hand, if the personality involved has positive attitudes he will have positive perspective about situations he finds himself, and hence, he sees the opportunities. What I am saying in essence is that problems and opportunities are actually the same thing, however, your reality in any situation depends on the way you see it. If you see it as a problem it becomes a problem, on the contrary, if you see it as an opportunity, it becomes an opportunity.

What You See Becomes your Life Reality

Your Reality in life is determined by how you decide to see situations around you. This is how it works, by nature human beings have the instinct to run away from problems. Also, as humans we have the natural instinct to be attracted towards things or situation we perceive as opportunities. But the irony of life is that; naturally, opportunities which have capacity to bring about big transformation in our lives usually disguise as problems. So when you consistently see things around you as problems, the human instinct which tends to repel human beings from problems comes into play and makes you to run away from situations which have the potential to change your life. The ultimate result of this negative attitude is a life that is full of problems, most especially financial problems with very little or no achievement.

On the other hand, if you see life situations from the positive perspective, your eyes will be opened to the inherent opportunities which are embedded in the situation. Seeing the opportunities in a situation attracts your attention and equally gives you the unusual courage to act and provide solution to the seemingly impossible problem which others are running away from. Apart from giving you the courage to act, being able to see opportunities in a particular situation gives you a competitive edge over those who are seeing problems, because by the time they realize that the situation is an opportunity you would have come up with the solution. When you solve problem which nobody else has been able to crack, you automatically stand out as an hero.

Your Financial Reality Depends on Your Capacity to Solve Problems

Being able to see big opportunities which are embedded in situations which ordinarily appear as problems makes you a consistent and versatile problem solver. It is a proven fact that people who get ahead in life are problem solvers. Also, your capacity to attract financial resources to yourself is a function of your capacity to solve problems as well as enormity of the problem you solve. When you solve problems consistently for other people, your own problems, financial or otherwise will automatically be sorted out. This is what I refer to as the law of reciprocity. Or alternatively you can call it the law of sowing and reaping. It states that: “whatever you sow, you shall reap.” Solving problem for people is seed sowing, you will definitely reap the harvest in the form of financial reward or influence, which ultimately will have positive financial implication. When you begin to see life situations as opportunities to solve problems for others and you actually go ahead to solve the problem, you increase your earning capacity.

Before I conclude, let me give you the following three points as take away. I want you to pay serious attention to them and always consider them in taking your daily decisions:

  1. Always make deliberate efforts to see situations from their positive perspectives. This will open your eyes to the opportunities therein
  2. Consistently sharpen and broaden your problem solving capacity. Your capacity to solve problems determines the strength of your financial magnet
  3. Ask yourself this question: how broad do I want my problem solving capacity to be? That is, do I want to be a problem solver as an employee or as an employer of labour?

Finally, always have it in mind that you can change your life by changing your perspective about every situation around you. There is no situation or condition that is totally bad. All you need to do is to always look at situation from the positive perspective and you will see the seed of golden opportunities embedded within the seemingly bad situation. Change your perspective; transform your life and takethelead!

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Muyiwa Okeola

taketheLEAD and live your dream!


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