The Power of Imagination

Imagine a situation where money is no longer a problem! Imagine a situation where you can afford to stay in the most expensive neighborhood anywhere in the world! Imagine a situation where you can afford to buy that your dream luxury cars – BMW 7 SERIES, G-Wagon, Rolls Royce Phantom! Imagine a situation where you can enjoy all the good things of life without having to worry about money again! We can see that it is pretty easy to become whatever we want to be in our imagination. Isn’t it? Someone might say it is easy to imagine something than to make it a reality. But you need to equally understand that it is very difficult if not impossible to live in reality of something you cannot imagine. Additionally; it is very important to realize that it is not much harder to make our life dreams a reality. All the things that seem so far and daunting to us are actually within our reach if only we can exploit the power of our imagination. Each and every one of us have the capacity to have anything we want at anytime by using our imagination and taking necessary actions which are in harmony with our desire. Listen to me, it is not a myth; we can live in the reality of whatever we imagine at anytime we want. Someone might be wondering how? Don’t worry if you don’t understand how. I will deal with that in a short moment.

For you to understand how powerful human imagination is, listen to what God said in the Bible. The LORD Himself acknowledged the power of human imagination when He wanted to stop the children of men from building the tower of Babel. He said in the book of Genesis “……and now nothing will be restrained from them, which they have imagined to do.” This statement underscores the importance and how powerful human imagination is. Unfortunately, only a very few people in the world understands and utilizes this power. Those are the people who end up living their dreams and make meaningful impact to our world.

How does Imagination work?

Imagination is derived from the word image and inside. An image we all know is the picture of something. In a simple term, Imagination is the pictorial representations of things inside your mind. It is capacity to form a mental picture of something that is not perceived through the other sense organs. Alternatively, it can be defined as the ability of the human mind to build mental scenes, objects or event that has never existed, are not present or had happened in the past. Whatever you wish to be, you can. However, you need to move from the sphere of mere wishing to the higher realm of forming the image of how exactly you want to be in your mind. That is, you need to put your imagination into action. Most people only wish, they don’t imagine. But you need to understand that wishing does not produce result, only imagination does.

When you consistently imagine something in your mind, the imagination process spurs your mind into thinking. Your thought then begin generate ideas which are capable of transforming your dreams into reality. However, let me warn you, transformation does not come automatically with ideas; you must put on your garment of courage and act on your ideas for you to experience the transformation. A lot of people have great ideas but they are living far below their potential because they are afraid of taking the necessary risk to launch out and put those great ideas into practice. If you are in that category, let me remind you that ideas are powerful but only when they are acted upon.

Imagination is the Foundation of Transformation

Imagination, especially of things which had never existed is the source of creativity and innovation. Every good things of live we enjoy all over the world today are the product of imagination of some people. If they had failed to employ their imaginative power, your cell phone, beautiful cars, iPad, black berry, flat screen TVs, airplanes etc wouldn’t have been in existence. Everybody has the capacity for imagination, but only a minute number of people actually employ this powerful tool positively. Most people either don’t use their imagination at all or use it negatively; this often leads to undesirable result.

If you are reading this article and your life is not where you wish to be, I suggest that you exploit the power of your imagination. This is the secret of real successful people. They used the power of imagination to transform their wish into reality. We all have imaginative capacity which we are at liberty to use anytime we want to translate our wishes into reality. Once again listen to what God said concerning imagination; ”….and now nothing will be restrained from them, which they have imagined to do.” What this simply means is that; absolutely nothing will be restrained from you, which you have imagined to do. You can make it a habit to recite this statement, substituting your name in the appropriate places anytime the spirit of fear wants to discourage you from taking action. When you do this, surely nothing will be restrained from you, because that is the God’s word and God’s words never fail. If you can imagine it you can live it. Imagine it, take action and live your dream.

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