The Bandwagon Flu

One of the greatest secrets of outstanding achievements and success in life is having the gut to go against the flow of the world. However, only a very view people understand this secret. Generally, most people follow the popular opinion without questioning its validity. This tendency for people to move with the crowd is what I refer to as bandwagon flu. People do things just because other people are doing it without challenging its validity. I have realized that everybody has the tendency to catch the bandwagon flu. If you look back into your past you will surely see instances where you had follow the crowd blindly. Nobody is totally immune from the bandwagon flu, but with conscious effort, you can control it and limit its negative impact in your life. Bandwagon flu can have a very serious negative consequence in your life. Most people are struggling to survive in life because of bad decisions they had taken in the past base on popular opinion. Most people are in the wrong career today because of bandwagon flu. They made their career choice base on popular opinion. The purpose of this article is to get you to be aware of the bandwagon flu and consequently make conscious efforts to control and limit its negative effect on your life.

Bandwagon Flu Limits Capacity to Succeed

The natural tendency to follow popular opinion has led to emergence of several traditions that place serious limitation on people’s capacity to succeed in life. Tradition simply means doing it the way it has been done. People follow traditions blindly without taking time to evaluate its ultimate consequence. Traditions retard growth and development because it is anti-change. We all know that transformation, growth and development are impossible without change. Sticking to traditions results in nothing but stagnation, backwardness and mediocrity. People who have achieved outstanding results in different areas of lives are those who had the courage to do things differently and did it differently. These are people who dare to challenge the popular opinions and break away from traditions. Anytime you find yourself caught in the bandwagon flu, I want you to always remember that the best result you can ever achieve following the crowd is average. Even the average result is only guaranteed if only you are very hard-working.

Doing it the way it has been done and expect a different result is a demonstration of foolishness at its peak. Imagine what the world will look like if we are still doing things the way they were being done over 200 years ago. Your mobile phone, ipads, TV sets, laptops, modern medical treatment, aircraft etc are all the product of some great men who refused to follow the crowd. Their refusal to follow the crowd stimulated them to think differently and consequently produce better solutions to world’s problems. If you are thinking that everything that can be invented had already been invented, you are making a great mistake. Bishop Wright, Orville and Wilbur Wright’s father said the same thing over 100 years ago when he said it would be impossible for man to fly. He said only angels were created to fly. Today, he has been proved wrong, ironically, his children Orville and Wilbur made the first airplane. You can live a better and very impactful life if you deliberately and consciously stop following the popular opinions and strife to do things differently.

Most people live with bandwagon flu

Majority of the people in the world today are perpetually living with bandwagon flu. One of the major areas where most people follow the crowd is what they do for a living. The orientation of most people is: go to school, come out with good result and get a good job. That is, majority of people in our society are oriented towards becoming an employee instead of being and employer. That is, most people have employee mindset. Hence, you see people looking for non-existing job for years without even thinking of something they can do for themselves. That is why we have unemployment problem. Because it is easier to create problem than to solve it, more people are involved in creating unemployment problem than solving it. All they do is just to complain about the problem. People naturally complain about issues rather than taking steps to address it. But if you want more out of this life, you need a shift from complaining about issues to dealing with issues.

Move away from popular opinion

If you are not happy with your job, why can’t you try becoming an employer? Since popular mindset is for people to become employees, why can’t you try what most people don’t want to do? You stand a better chance of making positive impact to humanity when you move away from the popular employee mentality. But let me warn you, do not make yourself the primary purpose of the business you want set up. Do not be self-centered. Self-centeredness itself is a popular way of life. Pastor Sam said ‘your life is too small to be the purpose of your life.’ The popular opinion is ‘me first and then others’, then if you want to succeed you need a paradigm shift from self-centeredness to others-centeredness. Then, you can begin to live impactful and more meaningful life. You have the potential to impact humanity positively and leave a lasting legacy. However, you must move away from popular opinion and dare to do things differently to realize this enormous potential in you. There are so many problems facing humanity today, finding solutions to them requires that somebody needs to break away from traditions and look for better ways of doing things. That person who will make the world a better place can be you. If you succeed in making the world a better place, your life will inevitably be transformed. Thank you for reading.

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