You Were Created to Succeed Part 3

Why is it that so many people are stuck in a career they don’t like? Why is it that today we have so many people who are unfulfilled and frustrated in their lives, just going to work at some uninteresting mundane job, struggling to make ends meet? The answer is very simple: they are not pursuing what they have been designed by God to do. They have failed to discover their purpose. How do you discover your purpose? Your purpose is what you have natural ability to do relatively well than others with much less effort, that is, your natural talent. Everybody was created by God for a purpose. When the purpose of anything is not known, its abuse is inevitable. Therefore, it can be rightly stated that whoever fails to identify his purpose in life will surely be abused. This is of course what is happening in the corporate environment, majority of people working in corporate organization are not working in line with their purpose. They are not working in the area of their strength because they have failed to discover their life purpose. As a result of this, their performance with all the hard work is either average or below average. This can be attested to by the fact that most of the people in corporate world are rated average when they are appraised. People that fall into this category are verbally, physically and psychologically abused by their superiors. If you happen to be in this kind of situation, it is happening because you have either ignored your area of strength or failed to recognize it. The truth of the matter is this; when you are not pursuing projects in the area of your strength, you will definitely be preoccupied pursuing things in the area of your weakness. The end result of such endeavour at best will be average in some instances, and most of the time you end up being a mediocre. Unfortunately, most people in the world are busy pursuing career in the area of their weakness. That is why we have more unsuccessful people than successful ones.

But why will you opt to spend your life labouring in a career where the best you can ever be is just an average rather than pursuing something you can be the best in the world? Don’t forget that God created everybody with the enormous potential to succeed. That potential is whatever you have natural ability to do well with minimal efforts. Your potential is that thing you have great passion for. It is that task you are always excited to perform even when there is no hope of financial reward. When you engage yourself in pursuing a career in your area of strength, your output will be so fantastic that success comes your way naturally. You will not need to struggle for the financial reward; rather, it will just come as the consequence of your outstanding result. One of the great benefits of pursuing a God’s purpose for your life is that you have great passion and enthusiasm for whatever it is you are doing. The high level of passion and enthusiasm will help you to focus continuously on producing high quality output which ultimately will attract abundance financial reward. A good illustration of this can be taken from sport. When a talented sportsman is training, his focus is to be the best and consequently win the tournament. His primary focus while preparing for the game is not the money but to put up the best performance among other competitors. If he is able to achieve his goal of being the best among other competitors, the financial reward will naturally follow. The financial reward does not only come from the medal, the money starts coming in from other sources. If you study the cash flow pattern of sport stars, you will notice that the most successful among them make more money from endorsement than they make from the sport itself. This is what happens when you are working in the area of your strength. You are more focused on the quality of your output than the financial reward because of your passion and enthusiasm. Consequently, you produce outstanding results which will increase your capacity to attract money and other resources.

On the other hand, when you are pursuing a career in the area of your weakness, there is usually very little passion and enthusiasm, for the job, if you have any at all. In such situations, the only thing that is motivating you is the financial reward. As a result, there is very high tendency for you to focus primarily on the money at the detriment of the quality of your output. Due to lack of adequate attention to the quality of your output, overtime, it will deteriorate to the point that it will have no capacity to attract any reasonable financial reward. Ultimately, the system will purge you out and you will be out of job or out of business.

Recognize your purpose and do it well

If you have been struggling to excel on your job, you need to pause and do a self review of your life. Try to answer this question: are you working in the area of your strength or weakness? If you realize you have been toiling to succeed in the area of your weakness, you need a change! No matter how far you might have gone, it is never too late to change. You need to realize that it is never too late to make a u-turn whenever you discover you are on the wrong route because it will never lead you to your desired destination. Hanging on to a job or business that compels you to work in the area of weakness will never help you to achieve your full potential in life. The best you can be with a lot of hard work is just an average or a little above average. What you need to do is to identify your strength, develop it and pursue a career along that line. Everybody has a potential deposited in him or her by God. Your potential is your strength. That is, something you have great passion and enthusiasm for. Something you can do with much less effort and achieve better result than others. That is the purpose of your life in this world. You are created by God to serve that purpose and make the world a better place. Recognize your purpose and do it well. That is the surest route to live a life of meaningful impact and success. You were created to succeed! Thank you for reading.

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One Response to You Were Created to Succeed Part 3

  1. kunle says:

    This write-up looks like my diary.
    Oh Lord, I need a change.

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