You Were Created to Succeed Part 2

Last week, I explained that God created every man or woman with unlimited capacity to succeed in life. I also made it clear that when we were born into this world, this capacity was in its raw form. Therefore, if you really want to succeed in life, it is your responsibility to refine and transform the potential given to you by God from its raw form into its potent form. We all know that while gold is still in the ground in its raw form, yet to be discovered it does not attract any value. But when it is discovered, extracted from the ground and refined its value grows astronomically. The potential deposited in you by God can be likened to gold in its raw form in the ground. While in the ground gold has no much value. It has to be explored to discover it. And afterward, it must be mined and refined before it becomes a highly priced jewelry. After gold is discovered, firstly, you must work on it to dig it out of the ground. Secondly, it must be refined by passing it through fire. The process of passing it through fire removes impurities. And what is left at the end of the process is the pure gold which is highly valuable and consequently attracts very high price.

Similarly, just like gold, if you want to increase your capacity to attract money or any other desirable resources, you need to explore yourself to discover the gold in you. Subsequently, you must work on and refine your potential. Working on and refining your potential entails sharpening your skill. When you sharpen your skill, you increase your ability to attract resources to yourself and consequently your capacity to succeed. This is the lesson of the parable of talent in the book of Matthew 25: 15. The master gave the talent to each of them according to his ability. The issue that is brought to focus here is competence. Therefore, it can be stated that; he gave to each of them according to his competence. The implication of this statement is that amount of money or any resources you can attract per time is a function of your competence. When you develop and sharpen your skill, you increase your ability to manage resources and deliver on your job. Your ability to manage resources and deliver on your job defines your level of competence.

Stephen Covey, in his book, Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, explains the concept of production and production capacity. As an individual your production capacity is your competence, while your production is your output or result. Your production or your result is determined by your production capacity. Often, most people tend to focus more on production at the detriment of their production capacity. People find it difficult to give the necessary attention to their production capacity because the return on efforts invested on it is not always instant. And most people are more interested in instant gratification, what they can get now than planning and sowing for a better future. Such people are preoccupied with urgent and important matters at detriment of their production capacity. The consequence of such strategy is a life constantly under pressure and stress with very minimal result to show for the efforts. Someone who is preoccupied with only urgent and important issues lives his life managing one crisis or the other. This kind of life style results in nothing but under-achievement and mediocrity.

However, the good news is this, there is a better way to live this life than managing crisis. You need to focus more on your production capacity. Pay more attention to developing and honing your skill even when the return is not immediate. Don’t forget that there is always the sowing season before the harvest season. This is a universal principle that works always. Sowing to sharpen your skills is one of the fundamental roles that you must play to complete the success equation. When you pay enough attention to improving and sharpening your skill, you increase your ability to attract whatever resources you desire to yourself. Always remember the parable of talent; “the master gave the talent to each of them according to his ability”. This statement underscores the fact that God will not entrust you with resources you do not have the capacity to manage. He does not waste His resources. You have the capacity to become whatever you want in life. What is needed is for you to play your role by constantly improving your skills. Nothing can take place of your competence. When you are competent, the sky will not be your limit but your stepping stone. If you still have any doubt about the importance of skill, listen to what God said in the book of Proverbs 22:29 “Do you see a man skilful in his work? he will stand before kings; he will not stand before obscure men” Start working on your skill today and you will definitely standout of the crowd. You were created to succeed and you will succeed. Thank you for reading.

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