Want to Succeed? Challenge the Status Quo

John Maxwell in his book titled: “how successful people think” said “Growth means change. Change requires challenging the status quo. If you want greater possibilities, you can’t settle for what you have now.” Looking around the world today, it is pretty obvious that successful people and organizations don’t accept status quo. Such people and organizations have the capacity to see into the future. They can see possibilities where other people see limitations. They can see opportunities where other people see problems. Consequently, they are better prepared and positioned to exploit future opportunities. They are continuously looking for better ways of doing things. Hence, they are able to come up with better ideas, products and solutions that better meet the needs of the society. These are the people and organizations that survive economic crunch and succeed greatly in our competitive world. If you are really desirous of forming the habit of challenging the status quo, the two tips below can be of great help.

Have Possibility Mindset

If you want to have the courage to challenge the status quo, you must have what I call “possibility mindset.” In other word, you need a paradigm shift from seeing impossibilities to seeing possibilities. Possibility mindset will help you to see opportunities well ahead of everybody. Seeing opportunities before other people gives you a tremendous advantage of being able to prepare and position yourself to exploit the opportunities. Have you ever noticed that, in the game of football good strikers don’t run after the ball? Rather, they study the game to know where the ball will be and position themselves appropriately. You cannot become a change agent unless you have possibility mindset. All the people who have greatly made impact in their field by creating revolutionary positive transformation were all possibility thinkers. They had visions. They could see what other people could not see. They could see possibilities where others were seeing limitations. Henry Ford used his possibility mindset to create a landslide revolution in the automotive industry. That is why majority of the people in the world today can afford to ride a car. Similarly, Bill Gates applied his possibility mindset in the computer industry to make computer available and affordable to whoever wants to have one. Steve Job of Apple did the same thing and rendered Sony Walkman outdated with his iPod. In the process, he opened huge market opportunity for his company. If these people can do it, why not you?

Stop Being a Blind Conformist

Rollo May in his book titled “Man’s search for himself” said “The opposite of courage in our society is not cowardice, it is conformity.” Personally, I have come to realize over time that conforming blindly to traditions and culture without questioning is the most formidable enemy of progress and development. Have you ever wondered why so many people work so hard and honestly without ever achieving or make any impact, while much fewer others who don’t seem to work hard achieve so much? The reason is simple, it is because of conformity. Research has shown that only five percent of the people in the world are able to achieve their life goal. Why? Because, the remaining ninety-five percent are blind conformists who don’t bother to do any validity check. These are people who just act like everyone else without knowing why or where they are going. Great majority of the people in the world naturally follow traditions. This reminds me of a proverb in Yoruba which says “Let us do it the way it has been done so that it can be the way it has being.” What a very mind limiting and anti-development proverb? This is the proverb that many people apply in their day-to-day life. But let us look at it this way; if you have been following a process without desired result, wisdom demands that you ask yourself some questions that challenge the validity of the process. For example, if you want to be more successful than your parents, wisdom should tell you that you cannot do exactly what your parents did. You CANNOT do it the way it has been done! Otherwise, it will be the way it was for your parents and not what you want. You need to listen to Zig Ziglar, he said “doing things the way we have always done them and expect a different result is one of the definition of insanity.” If you desire to experience a change, you must do things differently. You should stop following the crowd so that you can be among the top five percent who are successful.

If you want to live an impactful life, you must stop following the crowd. Stop being a blind conformist who just follows traditions. Start questioning the popular thinking. Challenging the status quo gives you the seeds of vision and opportunities. You need to note that popular thinking most often is not the best option. There are always better ways of doing things. Strive to be the one who will discover the better way. When you do this, windows of opportunities and abundant wealth will open widely for you. Thank you for reading.

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