Everybody Can Succeed

There is one thing that is common to successful people all over the world. They solve problems. However, there is a general tendency for people to run away from problems. That is why most people in the world today are working hard to avoid problem. Most people will rather work hard to avoid problems instead of looking for solutions to them. It is mind-boggling that at times, the effort people expend trying to avoid a problem is far greater than the effort required to solve the problem. It is only a very few people who have the understanding that embracing problems and solving it is the number one secret of success. This explains why only very few people are successful despite the abundance in our world. Several people are experiencing serious lack in the midst of plenty because of the habit of running away from problem. The danger of this habit is that, once you develop it you will instinctively avoid problems including your personal life problems. This habit puts veil on people’s inner and outer eyes that makes them to see opportunities as problems. Consequently, they consistently loose opportunities to succeed and become great in life. You need to realize that success is not partial; everybody can be successful if only we have the right attitude towards problems.

Your Life is a problem

Has it ever occur to you that your life is a problem that nobody except you only can solve? That is it! Your life is a problem which you must solve. It is your ability to solve this problem that determines how successful you will be in life. If you don’t solve your life problem, nobody can really solve it for you. The only way you can get someone else to solve your life problems for you is to be a beggar. Making a living through begging is a terrible, demeaning and miserable way of life. Begging puts serious limitation on your life because you have to accept whatever is given to you. Always remember that beggars neither have control nor choice. Alternatively, you can make a life of abundance with plenty of choices a reality if you form the habit of solving problems. You will only succeed to the extent of your capacity to solve problems. Successful people are those who have been able to solve their life problems while mediocre are those who fail to solve their life problems. Therefore, if you really want to succeed in life you must form the habit of embracing and looking for problems to solve. However, you need to understand that solving your life problem does not mean focusing on yourself. Rather, it requires you to focus on other people and solve their problem. Focusing on yourself only limits your capacity to solve problems. When you solve other people’s problems, your own problems will be automatically solved. Our world operates on the principle of exchange and reciprocity.

Set Yourself Free

It is your responsibility to set yourself free by finding solution to your life problem. Everybody in this world has the capacity to deal with their life problem but only a minority exploits this capacity. That explains why we have much fewer successful people than unsuccessful ones. Someone may wonder, “Why is it that most people don’t exploit their God-given capacity to solve problem?” The answer is simple. Confronting and dealing with problems require making sacrifices which people naturally runs away from because, as human we have the inherent tendency to follow the easy path.

Whatever it is that you are not happy about in your life – is it your job, your financial status, etc. They are all problems which you have the capacity to solve. All you need are:

  1. Strong dissatisfaction with the status quo
  2. Strong desire for better life
  3. Determination to succeed
  4. The courage to act even when you are not sure of the outcome
  5. The discipline to make the sacrifice – nothing is free in this life. Isaac Newton in his third law of motion said “To every action there is equal and opposite reaction”. You must be willing to pay the price. Most of the time the result always more than worth the price anyway.

The ball is now in your court, the choice is yours to set yourself free and succeed. You can leave that job for a better one. You can start your own business that will make you rich beyond your wildest dreams instead of coping with a job you don’t like. You can live in that mansion you’ve been dreaming of. You can ride those beautiful cars. You can have happy and successful family. You can have every good things of life. All these things are problems waiting for you to be solved. It is up to you to exploit your God-given capacity to crack and solve them, set yourself free and be a success. Thank you for reading!

Your feedbacks are highly welcome. Please let me know what you think. Kindly leave your comments. Thank you for reading!

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Read, Act, Overcome and Succeed!

Muyiwa Okeola


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    you are a real gift to the world.I have read many of your articles and they are life changing, Be blessed

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