Expand your Horizon and Succeed More

Last week I wrote about the negative effect of limited aspiration on human achievement. This week I have decided to discuss another attitude which equally has serious detrimental effect on people’s capacity to succeed and realize their full potential in life. This is the attitude of self-centeredness. It is the practice of focusing on meeting only your personal needs. This attitude leads to a life of lack and scarcity in the midst plenty and abundance.  Zig Ziglar in one of his books said “you can have everything you want in life if you will just help enough other people get what they want!” This statement simply tells us that when we focus on other people and meet their needs, our needs will be met automatically. There are more than enough resources to meet your needs in this world; however, you must have something of value to offer before those resources will flow in your direction. It is important for you to note that, your capacity to attract resources to meet your needs is directly proportional to your capacity to meet other people’s needs. This is the principle of give and take or exchange of values which governs all forms of prosperity. Therefore, if you truly desire abundance in life, your focus should not only be to meet your needs, rather, it should be expanded and aim at meeting others needs first. This is the secret of great achievements, financial abundance, everlasting relevance and outstanding success in life.

Focusing on self limits our potential

Bishop Oyedepo in his book Winning The War Against Poverty said “seeking a means of livelihood is the only goal of slaves whereas value enhancement is the leading goal of all Leaders”. Value enhancement here means focusing on adding value to other people and not yourself.  When you begin to think of solving problems on a large-scale, it tasks your brain more and consequently makes it to operate at the optimal level. Your brain power is too much than just to solve your personal problem. People put serious limitation on their brain capacity because of self-centeredness and limited aspirations. When you are self-centered, it limits your aspiration and limited aspirations limit your thinking and imagination. Your brain power is only unleashed through thinking and imagination. As I said last week, your brain capacity to solve problem is dynamic, its capacity to solve problems rises to meet the challenge you are facing at a particular time. So if all your focus is just to meet your need, your thinking and imagination will be centered just on you. Hence, your brain power is released to give you the solution to meet only your need. When you live your life focusing only on yourself, you can never achieve your full potential; neither can you live a life of impact with enduring legacy. However, shifting the focus from yourself to other people will expand your horizon, the scope and quality of your thinking. This will let loose your brain power to give you the ideas and solutions to the great and complex problems which ultimately will make you a great achiever. If you look around the world today, you will notice that great achievers are not people who solve their personal problems but people who exploit their brain power solve great and complex problem on a massive scale for humanity.

Someone might be wondering why then do we have grown up people who cannot meet their needs if human brain is so powerful? The reason is not farfetched; we have many people struggling to meet just their personal needs because many people simply don’t think. Your brain power is encapsulated in thinking and imagination. It then means when you fail to think, your brain power becomes dormant and is therefore rendered useless. Unfortunately, only very view people engage in quality thinking, most people will rather work hard than to engage in quality thinking that will produce new ideas on how to work smarter. That is why we have more people struggling in life than successful people. Successful people engage in quality thinking and consequently work smart while mediocre ONLY work hard. Quality thinking leads to success while hard work without thinking results in nothing but mediocrity. Focusing on meeting others needs and solving problems on a massive scale will increase your aspiration. This will force you to engage your brain in problem solving thinking which will then unleash your brain power and hence, maximize your problem solving capacity.

Have a Paradigm Shift

From this moment, you need to have a paradigm shift from focusing on yourself to focusing on others. This will expand your horizon and your aspirations in life. The end result will be a life with great impact and everlasting legacy. Similarly, for entrepreneurs, you can apply this concept to your business. You should focus on how your business can meet people’s need on a massive scale. This is the secret of big and successful businesses which have outlived their founders. Henry Ford did it with T-Model in automobile industry. Bill Gates used this concept to build Microsoft which has made him the richest man in the world. If some people had done it in the past, you can equally do it. Thank you for reading and do have a great week!

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