Don’t Limit Yourself with Limited Aspiration

Man was designed by God with unlimited capacity to deal successfully with issues and challenges that will come his way in life. This capacity is encapsulated by God in our ability to think, imagine and aspire to get whatever we desire in life. However, many people ignorantly put serious barrier on their growth and achievement in life because of their limited aspiration. All they think about is just to keep body and soul together. Such people cannot imagine themselves achieving certain things in life. They cannot see themselves living in certain places or riding certain cars because they believe these things are meant for certain class of special people. This kind of thought imposes serious limitation on someone’s ability to grow and achieve great things in life. The book of proverbs 23:7 says “For as he thinks in his heart so is he…” Every man has absolute control over what he aspires to be and what he thinks about. But amazingly, several people use the freedom to aspire and think against themselves. They place self-imposed limitation on themselves by their failure to think and have big aspirations. Nobody has told them that they cannot do it. However, since they believe they cannot do it, they will surely not make any attempt towards achieving it. Consequently, that thing will never be within their reach no matter how simple or easy it is. My advice to you is this, stop limiting yourself. The fact that someone did it and failed or probably you had attempted it and failed before does not mean you cannot achieve it. Just learn from the past failures and move on.

You Can Do It; You Can Have It, Just Go For It!

The power God implanted in us is tremendous. However, it only comes into operation just enough to take care of the challenges we decide to take up per time. The power released per time is directly proportional to your need. What this means is that, if all your aspiration is just seeking means of livelihood, the power will be released just sufficient to solve problems that will attract enough resources to meet only the needs of your livelihood. God does not like waste that is why He designed human system to function that way. The power is released just to meet only the need created by your aspiration, no more, no less. This is the way it works; there is a close relationship between the following: your aspiration, your thought and imagination, your decisions, your actions and ultimately your destination in life. Your aspiration determines the quality of your thinking, while the qualities of your thought and imagination have serious impact on your decisions. The quality of your decisions affects your actions which ultimately determine your destination. I hope you can now see clearly that there is a direct relationship between your aspiration and the result you get in life.

Achievement Cycle

You have the power to achieve whatever you want in life. All you need to do is to expand your aspirations and take up bigger challenges. If you don’t challenge your brain with big aspirations, you under-utilize your brain power. Consequently, your brain functions at sub-optimal capacity. The result of a sub-optimal functioning brain is low quality of life and mediocrity. Your aspiration spurs your thinking and imagination. Your thinking process gives you the ideas and solutions to deal with the challenge created by your aspiration. Your aspiration also creates the burning desire that pushes you to act on the ideas and solutions that come out of your thinking and imagination process. Ultimately, your action produces the desired result. The level of your aspiration determines the versatility, effectiveness and greatness of ideas and solutions that come out of your thinking and imagination process. So if you want to achieve great things in life, you need to drop all those small aspirations and start aspiring for big things. You can ride that BMW 7 series, Rolls Royce Phantom etc. Stop limiting yourself; you can live in the most exotic part of the country or the world. The secret??? Have great aspirations and think big! The book of Isaiah 54: 2 says “Don’t limit yourself, grow, build and expand your territory”. Thank you for reading.

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Read, Act, Overcome and Succeed!

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