Building Enduring Wealth

Many people are working very hard to become wealthy but they are not getting desired result because they have a wrong understanding of what real wealth is. The wrong understanding makes people to adopt wealth acquisition strategies which are not in harmony with the principle that guarantees enduring wealth. Let me use this simple illustration to explain. If you want to move from town A to town B, you must first have a thorough understanding of the terrain between the two locations. For instance, if the journey between A and B involves crossing large expanse of stormy sea, your strategy must take this into consideration. You can either decide to go by air or travel part of the journey by land and the rest with a ship and not a canoe since the water is stormy. The point I am making here is that the critical factor that determines if you will successfully get to point B is your understanding of the terrain. If you want to get to B by air, the mode of air travel will depend on the kind of airport facility that is available in B. If there is no airport, you can only go by a chopper. I hope you can see the importance of having a good understanding of where you are going before you proceed on the journey. Similarly, the journey from lack to enduring riches requires a good understanding of what real wealth is all about. Trying to be wealthy without understanding of what wealth is leads to desperation, frustration and failure. Real Wealth is not defined by material possessions, rather, it is the product of man’s capacity to think and come up with solutions to problems around him. There are two approaches you can adopt to acquire wealth depending on your understanding of what real wealth is. The first approach is to focus on material possessions, which are the symbol of wealth. The second approach is to focus on creating values and solving problems.

Focusing on material possessions – Symbols of Wealth

This approach is adopted by people who lack the understanding of what real wealth is all about. We are having serious problem in Nigeria today because most people have the wrong believe that wealth is a function of material possession. That is why most people in position of authority both in corporate and public sector embezzles billions of Naira at the detriment of the organization and the country. This approach manifests selfishness and greed. People are busy running after material possessions – symbol of wealth rather than looking for ways of adding value and solving problems to make the world a better place. A few of them who have the privilege of holding public office or are business leader  use the opportunity to divert funds to acquire material possession for their personal use. While the majority who do not have the privilege of being in power toil night and day to acquire symbol of wealth. The major issue with this kind of approach to wealth acquisition is that the wealth is not trans-generational. It does not last. The focus on symbol of wealth rather than adding values and solving problems explains the reason why you can hardly point to a Nigerian business which is over fifty years old. You can hardly find businesses that have outlived their owners. Examples of this are not far fetch. Some of the onetime big names in the banking sector may soon become part of history if they are eventually acquired by another organization. The root cause, the owners have the wrong understanding of wealth. Consequently, they focused on exploiting their businesses to accumulate material wealth for themselves without regard to the negative effect of their action on the business.

Focusing on Creating Values and Solving Problems

Ladies and gentlemen, we have gotten it wrong when it comes to the issue of wealth in this country, Nigeria. There is an urgent need for a paradigm shift if we really want to succeed as an individual and collectively as a nation. There is an urgent need for a shift of focus from symbol of wealth to creating values and solving problems. When you do this, all the symbols of wealth, money, and other materials will be attracted towards you. This is the only route that leads to enduring wealth. When you focus on value creation and problem solving, you will never need to run after symbols of wealth again in life, all those things, fine cars, good houses will naturally flow in your direction. Always remember that “Wealth is a product of man’s capacity to think and come up with solutions to problems around him”. When you operate with this understanding, seeking means of livelihood will not be your focus again. Meeting your needs will no longer be a function of how much you have in your bank account or your material possession. When you are at this level, you have the capacity to solve people’s problems on a massive scale. Consequently, you will have the influence and the capacity to attract sufficient resources to achieve your goals at anytime, wherever you find yourself. Imagine if Bill Gates wants to execute a project in Nigeria, you know he does not need to come with a single kobo. All he needs to do is to let people know that he needs money, all the banks in the country will be fighting to finance his project. Why? Because he has been able to solve problems on a massive scale, hence, his power to attract resources to meet his needs is equally massive.

If you take a look at all the real wealthy people around the world you will notice that they all created their empire from the scratch by creating values and solving problems for humanity. Bill Gates, Michael Dell, Henry Ford, Larry Page and Sergey Brin and other successful people around the world became wealthy by adding value and solving problems. If these people can do it, you can equally do it. You can become wealthy beyond your wildest dream. All you need to do is to think out solution to any of the several problems confronting humanity. If you can do this, money and those material possessions you are struggling to acquire will begin to run after you. Thank you for reading.

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