How Far Have You Gone? Review Your Goals

Time flies, six months have passed in 2010. It seems to have been so short, but the reality is we are in the second half of the year. This is a good time to sit down and review our goals for the year. It is very important to know how you are doing so that you can identify and address areas where things are not working according to plan. This review is very vital to the achievement of your goals in life. Generally, base on the result of the review, people will fall into three different categories.

Category One

In the first category we have some people who have so far had a blissful and great year. Everything has been going according to the plan and even at times better than the plan. If you are in the first category, I say congratulations to you. Keep on riding and moving. Keep your focus, take note of things that are working well for you and focus on them. The sky will not be your limit but your stepping stone.

Category Two

For those in the second category, things are not really good. Things are not going as planned, consequently, they are getting tired and frustrated about life. If you are in this category please don’t give up, don’t be frustrated. Things can get better! All you need to do is to find out what the root cause is.  Meanwhile, experience has shown that most of the time the root cause is actually YOU! This is the bitter truth. Hence, it is very important to check yourself first before you start going far. The fundamental questions you need to ask yourself are as follow:

  • Do you have the discipline to do those things that will bring about the much-needed change in your life? If your answer to this question is NO! It means you need to focus on your “being”. Your “being” is who you are at your core. You need to focus on “who you are”. You need what I call internal transformation. I said this in my article on goal setting earlier in the year. You need to become a new “being” first before you can have the capacity to do consistently what is needed to be done to achieve your goal. Your ability to do things consistently is a function of who you are. You need a new mindset, a paradigm shift from your old self to a new one for you to acquire the capacity to persist and “do” consistently.
  • Once you have the capacity to “do” consistently, the next question is: are you doing all the things you need to do to realize your goals? Or did you just write down the goals and hope it will come to reality? If you just have your goals on a piece of paper without “doing”, they are just mere wishes which most likely will never become a reality. It is important to realize that wishing does not produce result. Only positive actions produce result. By positive action, I mean actions which are in harmony with your goals. If you really desire to achieve your goals and experience change, you need to take steps in the right direction. Having goals without acting is just a wish.
  • Lastly, Are your activities in alignment with your goals? Some people are actually doing something but what they are doing is not in alignment with their goals. They are too busy managing crisis. They allow “urgent” and “important” issues to take their focus away from activities that will lead to achievement of their goals.  “Urgent” and “important” issues are activities you perform just to survive, such activities most often will not bring about the change you desire in life. It will only result in meeting your immediate need without taking the future into consideration. It then means you will continuously be managing crisis every day. The common “urgent” and “important” activities for most people are the demands of their current job. When you allow the demands of your current job to take your focus away from activities that will bring about positive change in your life, you will continuously need the job to survive. The more you need the job to survive, the more desperate you will be. When you are desperate you become more vulnerable to oppression and victimization. Apart from “urgent” and “important” issues some are preoccupied with non-productive time-wasting activities such as chatting (talking), watching TV and films. I am not saying you should not relax, but it should be moderated and should not be at the expense of activities that will lead to actualization of your dreams. Some people can spend seven hours watching film. At the end of the seven hours, do you ever ask yourself “what value has the film added to my life”? If you want positive transformation, you need to review how you spend your time. Review the activities you spend your time on, are they in harmony with your goals. Stop being too busy to develop yourself. Don’t be too busy to work on activities that will increase your production capacity. These are the activities that will ultimately lead you to your desired destination in life.

Category Three

For some, passage of time does not mean anything to them. These categories of people are just living life without any goal or direction. They take whatever life offers them hopping and wishing that one day luck will shine on them and the miraculous breakthrough will happen. Please you need to face the reality now, luck does not come by accident, it is the product of preparation and opportunity.

Finally, whatever the category you fall into, one thing is certain, things can always get better. All it requires is to challenge yourself out of your comfort zone and take practical steps that will lead to fulfillment of your goals. We all have one thing or the other that we have been wishing for, these things will not come to reality until we act. That project you have been thinking about, the book you want to read which you have not yet read, the part-time business you have been planning to start and so many other pending projects are the things which can take you to the next level. These pending projects have the potential to bring about the much needed transformation you have been praying for. In fact, they are the answer to your prayers for financial freedom and prosperity. However, these things will never become a reality unless you work on them. You need to start working on them today. Don’t be too busy to make your dream a reality! Thank you for reading.

Your feedbacks are highly welcome. Please let me know what you think. Kindly leave your comments. Thank you very much.

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