Explore Your Gold Mine

When he was growing up, Teddy was regarded as one of the most brilliant chaps with promising future. In fact, he was always among the best student right from primary through tertiary institutions. In his secondary school final exams he made seven distinctions and two Bs.  He was a high-flying student. The evidences for this are of course very obvious; he has several academic awards attached to his name. He was very optimistic about making it big in life. His hope about career and financial success was very high. After all, he has all it takes to secure a very good job with a bank or better still an oil company. Apart from being academically sound, Teddy was also naturally good at painting, drawings and decorations. However, he regarded his talent as hobby which he was only doing for fun once in a while up until he got his current job with a bank. On some occasions while he was in the university and during his service year he actually made some paintings which he sold for some amount of money.

Shortly after his NYSC, he got an employment offer with a bank. This of course, was like a dream come true. Consequently, he devoted all his time and energy to the job. The job is very demanding. He goes to work very early in the morning and come back late six days in a week. He hardly has time for anything including painting and drawing which he so much enjoys. Teddy has spent over five years on the job with only one promotion that came after three years despite his hard work and commitment to the job. He is now getting frustrated because things are really not going as he expected. He is far behind his life goals. Teddy is struggling to excel though he has goldmine inside of him. He has refused to explore his God given talent which could have made him a star with much less effort.

Does the story above paint a picture of your life or someone you know? There are so many people like Teddy who are struggling and working hard with little result to show for their efforts. Meanwhile, they have unexplored goldmine laying fallow in them. They are struggling because they have failed to recognize the potential God deposited in them. At best, some people like Teddy only see such potentials as hobby and not as goldmine which can transform their life.

Reflect About Your Life

It is high time you sit down and reflect about your life. Are you satisfied with your current position? Do you enjoy what you are doing? Do you have a sense of fulfillment and accomplishment? What is your vision for your life? Will your current job lead to the realization of your vision? If the answer is NO, you need to examine yourself and find out that thing which you enjoy doing. That thing is your goldmine which if explored and developed can turn your life around. Your gold mine is your God given talent, everybody has it. The major issue however, is the general tendency to ignore it and pursue something else. You need to realize that gold does not come out of the mine by itself, someone has to dig it out of the ground and work on it before it becomes a precious object with capacity to attract high price. Similarly, when you dig out and work on your God given talent you become so valuable and your capacity to attract wealth increases significantly.

If you really desire real transformation from the current frustrating and uncertain life, identify your goldmine and start working on it. Your goldmine could be photography, drawing, painting, singing, comedy, acting, cooking, writing, fashion designing etc. All you need to do is to develop and sharpen your skills. This will enable you to add value to your gold mine. Then, package it well and market it. Several people have worked on their goldmine to become stars. Obiwon was a banker, he went after his goldmine, and today he is a music star. Banke Meshida Lawal pursues her talent, today she is a star make-up artist. Fela Durotoye is pursuing his dream and he is soaring higher and higher daily. Dele Momodu read Yoruba in the university, he is making waves today because he worked on his goldmine. If all these people are working in a bank or oil company, they could not have made the kind of impact they are making in the society today. The good news is that if they can achieve so much working on their goldmine, you can equally do it. Start working on your goldmine today! Never allow your busy schedule to stop you from being a star. When you pursue what you are designed to do by God, you can never be an average performer but a STAR!

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