Change your Mindset, Transform your Life!

MINDSETis a set of assumptions, methods or notations held by one or more people or groups of people which is so established that it creates a powerful incentive within these people or groups to continue to adopt or accept prior behaviours, choices, or tools. This phenomenon of cognitive bias is also sometimes described as mental inertia, or a paradigm” – Paradigm is the way we see, understand and interpret things around us. Our mindset determines the quality of our decisions. Someone said “your decisions determine your destiny”. Therefore, it can be logically concluded that wherever you are or whoever you are in life today is a product of your mindset. It is very important for you to note that,  if you have wrong mindset, achieving anything worthwhile in life will be very difficult.

You must have a paradigm shift from traditions.

Many people are struggling to succeed in life because of their failure to drop traditions and old ways of thinking. They have been following a tradition for generations without results. It baffles me when someone continues to believe in a tradition which is obviously not working. Surprisingly, if you ask him to explain the tradition he does not even understand it himself. However, he justifies his action by saying ignorantly, “traditions are not meant to be understood but to be obeyed”. He obeys traditions despite the fact that he is not getting any result and eventually he gets frustrated and blames other people, situations and circumstances for his predicaments. This is how many people who are struggling hard to succeed are. Let me make it clear to you, there is a better way to live. You can live a more fulfilling life if only you are willing to embrace change. You can  experience positive transformation in life if only you are willing to make a paradigm shift from tradition centered life to principle centered life. Principles unlike traditions produce results when they are obeyed.  Zig Zigalr said “doing things the way we have always done them and expect a different result is one of the definitions of insanity” What this means is that as someone who is sane, if you truly desire a change from stagnation, poverty and failure, you need to drop those traditions and do things differently.

How do you change your mindset?

If you are really serious about having a paradigm shift, you need to be mindful of people you associate with. If all your friends have negative mindset, it will be impossible for you to change. Remember the popular quote “birds of the same feather flocks together”. Hence, if you are serious about having positive mindset, associate with people with positive mindset. Another critical factor which affects your mindset is what you feed your mind with. By this I mean what you read, watch and listen to. All these things have serious impact on how your mind is programmed. What you see, read and listen to condition your mindset, therefore, you need to be mindful of them. Take your time to read books, watch and listen to good quality programs that will add value to your life on TV and radio.

Do you Desire Transformation?

If you really desire transformation, you need to become a new being. Becoming a new being requires an internal paradigm shift, a shift from your old ways of thinking. You need to note that every worthwhile achievement and breakthrough in life begins from inside. Transformation of individuals, careers, businesses or nations from mediocrity and chaos begins in the mind. Consequently, if you want to experience positive transformation in your finance, career, business, relationship or any area of your life, your thinking and believe must change. You must change your mindset because your mindset determines who you are and who you are determines how far you can go in life. Thank you for reading. Have a great week!

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Read, Act, Overcome and Succeed!

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