It’s Time to Start Minding your Business

Generally all over the world, poor people only mind other people’s business. They work very hard to enrich other people. All their time and efforts are devoted to other peoples’ business. Poor people in this sense does not refer only to those who are doing menial jobs or labourers, it also includes highly paid employees who can hardly maintain their current standard of living beyond one month without their job. Such people are constantly living with the fear of losing their job. If you happen to be a subordinate to such people in the office, your days in the office will always be very difficult. They can do anything, including sacrificing their subordinates to cling on to the job. If you are constantly worried about losing your job, it clearly shows that you are busy minding someone else’s business. Your financial survival depends solely on your current job. This is a very dangerous way to live your life. There is just a very thin line between your current seemingly financial comfort and serious financial catastrophe.

If the descriptions above resemble your situation, it is very important you start doing something about minding your own business. You need to start doing something at your spare time immediately. Of course, am aware of the fact that most employers will make you sign an undertaking that you won’t be involved in any other business while you are in their employment. Has it ever occur to you that this is an attempt to ensure that they continue to have absolute control over your life? They are very much aware that if you have multiple streams of income, you won’t be there again to tend their business for them. They know the secret of financial freedom is to have multiple streams of income and they don’t want you to gain that freedom. At times, you may be offered mouth-watering package which is deliberately structured to get you stuck with them. The package is structured such that you will always need the job to survive.

Because you have been made to pledge that you won’t engage in any other business, you honestly focus all your time and energy on the job. Have you asked yourself how did they get to where they are now? Most of them started their businesses long before they left paid employment. Even now you don’t need to look too far before you see several businesses they are involved in. You are being asked to focus just on a single source of income by people who have multiple streams of income. Does this not communicate a message to you? Please wake up!!! Why are they involved in several businesses? They know that having multiple streams of income is the only means to secure financial freedom. So if they ask you not to engage in any other business, tell them you have heard but apply wisdom and do something to secure your financial freedom.

It is better Late than Never

Some people may be wondering, “How do I start minding my business at this stage of my career”? It is never too late. After all, it is better late than never. You can start doing something at your spare time from today. The earlier you start the better. Look for ways of applying the experience you have acquired over the years to solve problems and meet people’s need. Package it well into a marketable product or service. Alternatively, find out what you enjoy doing very well; package that thing into a product or service that will meet needs in the society. Another way to start minding our business is to invest in assets that can give passive income. Real estate is a good asset for this purpose. If you cannot afford the huge capital outlay for real estate alone, you can team up with friends and colleagues to pool resources together. Your goal is to ensure you have multiple streams of income. When you are solely an employee with just a single source of income, you are only making your employer rich while you are on the brink of financial disaster. You are just busy minding someone else’s business and making him rich. Meanwhile, don’t forget that you can be thrown out into the street anytime he feels you are no longer relevant to his goal. Don’t be caught unaware, start using your spare time productively. Start minding your business today! Thank you for reading, have a great week!

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