Financial Security or Freedom?

Every year, our institutions of higher learning churn out thousand of graduates into the already saturated labour market. The new graduates join the existing unemployed ones to scramble for limited job openings that prop up once in a while. It is a very common situation to see over 5,000 candidates applying for just 10 vacant positions in an organization. Considering this scenario, the probability of a candidate getting the job is just 1/500, that is, (0.002). This means each of the candidates’ chance of getting the job is just 0.2%. I believe you will agree with me that the probability is quite very slim. Those guys out there, especially the new entrants in the labour market who are searching for job probably might not realize that the situation is as bad as the illustration given above. But that is exactly the situation in this country now; at times the competition for job openings can even be more serious. In short, it has gotten worse due to the current economic meltdown and mass retrenchment in the banking sector.

After several attempts without success in getting a plum job in the oil and gas, financial services, or in other sectors with decent pay, majority of the job seekers get frustrated and become desperate in their bid to earn a living and leave a decent life. The frustration and desperation will ultimately lead someone in this situation to do any of the following:

1) Engage in Illegal and Immoral Acts such as prostitution, armed robbery, drug trading, advance free fraud (419) and more recently kidnapping etc to earn a living. This obviously will not take you far. Sooner or later, you will be made to face the bitter consequence of your act. This is a natural principle, you have the choice to make a decision but you cannot determine what the consequence will be. The consequences of our actions and inactions are pre-determined. For example, if you decide to put your hand inside fire, your hand will get burnt. The consequence of that action, that is, getting your finger burnt is not yours, it is absolutely out of your control.

2) Engage in shameful act of begging: Begging will surely not take anybody far. It can hardly make you comfortable. It will only erode your creative and thinking capacity. I wonder why people engage in begging.

3) Accept to do menial work with their degree certificate: This is very worrisome to me, why will someone with a university degree or an HND certificate take up an appointment as a gate keeper? This is really beyond my comprehension! Is that your vision for your life? If that is your vision, why did you have to go to higher institution to suffer and waste four to six years of your life? If that is not your vision, will working as a gate keeper, opening gate for both your mates and juniors lead to achievement of your vision in life? If the answer is NO, why are you wasting your time on this job? It will not take you anywhere; you will just get more frustrated.

4) Accept a job they don’t enjoy doing: In this case, the pay may even be good but you are not fulfilled doing the work. You wake up early and get home late; you hate practically everything about the job. The only thing that keeps you going is the pay. Right inside you, you know you are not in the right place, you really want to quit but you are afraid because you don’t have an alternative source of income. If you are in this situation, you need to think of other means of generating income. You need multiple streams of income. It will give you the courage to to act.

5) Start a small business: Only a very view people opt for this, past records has shown that majority of frustrated unemployed graduates engage in options 1 to 4. The reason for this is simple; our education system molds people to be employees and not employers. Our schooling system molds people to seek financial security rather than financial freedom. That is why it is easier for a graduate to market himself to become a gate keeper than to come up with a simple business idea and market it to the employee of the same company and earn much more income. I know someone may say ‘but I don’t have capital’, it is not every business that requires a lot of money to start. For example, you can start a dry cleaning business with little or no capital and grow it. All you need is hard work and dedication, but it is more fulfilling, more dignifying and also more likely to lead you to realization of your dreams in life than accepting to do a menial job or a job you don’t like.

People who adopt options 1 to 4 are driven by their urge for financial security. It is a life of bondage and can be very frustrating and disappointing. Your income may be very high, but do you have time to do what you enjoy doing? Do you have sense of fulfillment on the job? Ultimately, you will realize that what you call financial security only leads to financial worries and anxiety, anxiety about keeping your job and making ends meet. You will agree with me that this is not the best way to live; there is a better approach, which is to seek Financial Freedom.  However, the foundation of financial freedom and prosperity in life is to start a business. You can start a business from the scratch or you can join a network marketing group and enter your promise land of financial freedom and prosperity. Meanwhile you need to NOTE that real network marketing is not the same as pyramid schemes. A network marketing group will have an underlying product they are selling to make profit. On the other hand, a pyramid scheme disguising as network marketing group does not have any real product they are selling. All they ask you to do is to bring money and encourage other people to bring money too. Beware of them!

Are you in any of the categories above especially categories 1 to 4? Are you interested in starting a business while you still maintain your current job? Did you just lose your job and you are considering starting a business? Are you interested in having multiple streams of income that will lead to financial freedom and prosperity? Are you willing to invest N125,000.00 in a telecom business and secure your financial freedom and prosperity for generations? If the answer to any of the questions above is yes, please contact me on

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