Problem Solving, The gateway to Financial Success

Successful people see life as a series of problems to be solved and solve them, while the soul of a failure complains and says “What can I do? I am helpless, there is nobody to help me”. A failure does not realize that provision of solutions to the problems he encounters in his quest for success is the price of success. That is why he quits all the time and ultimately achieves nothing. Those things which you see as a stumbling block and consequently make you to give up on your dreams are price you need to pay to achieve your dreams. Remember that, there is always a price you must pay for everything you need in life. Nothing is absolutely free in life! Even those thing that we think are free are not absolutely free, you still need to make some effort for you to enjoy the benefit of the free gifts. For example if someone decides to hold his breath, air which is considered to be free will not enter his lungs. If he continues to hold his breath for longer than necessary, he will surely die.

How to deal with problems

First and foremost you must accept the fact that, to every problem, there is always at least a solution. If you have this at the back of your mind, it will encourage you to look for the solution to whatever problem you are facing. Then, analyze the root cause of the challenge. At times the major cause of the problem might even be you or your attitude. Provision of effective solution to a problem begins with a correct diagnosis of what the root cause of the problem is. If this step is not gotten correctly, the solution will definitely not work in the long run, though it may seem to be okay at the initial stage. Your understanding of the root cause will help you to think out appropriate and lasting solution to the problem.

Let me use Nigeria to illustrate the effect of failure to deal with the root cause of the problem. The major problem we are facing in Nigeria is lack of willingness of our leaders to deal with the root cause of the country’s problems. Instead of dealing with the root cause, we attack the symptoms of the problems rather than the problems themselves. The case is like that of a man who has headache because of malaria and decides to use Panadol to treat the headache which is just a symptom of malaria. He will be relieved of the headache just for a while. The headache will definitely resurface.

Once you are armed with the good understanding of the root cause of the problem, the battle is half won. What you then need to do is to settle down, meditate and think out a solution to the seemingly insurmountable obstacle. However, I need to say at this point that your ability to think out a workable solution to any problem depends on how developed your mind is. Therefore, it is very important for you to develop your mind. Read books, attend seminars, listen to informative audios, associate with people who have successfully achieved what you are trying to achieve and travel outside the country if you can. All these will enrich and expand your mind; consequently, you will become a better person.

If you really desire success in life, stop running away from problems, embrace them instead. Note that the stumbling blocks between you and what you want in life are not there to stop you; they are there to give you the opportunity to show how badly you need it. The more problem you solve, the more successful you become. One of the major common traits of people who are very successful is that they actually look for problems to solve. The more problem they solve, the more successful they become. Look around you today; there are plenty of problems that are begging for solution. Pick on some of these problems and think out solution to them. Problem solving is the surest way to financial prosperity.

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Muyiwa Okeola


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One Response to Problem Solving, The gateway to Financial Success

  1. Saad says:

    Muyiwa. This is very good. I have read most of the articles on your blog and i am really impressed. Your articles are very incisive and educating. I have registered and expect to get the weekly updates. Keep it up. Thank you.

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