Challenge your Self-doubt and Succeed No 201007

Are you currently poor, just getting by, comfortable or very rich? Whatever your current predicament, you need to realize that it can always get better. You are more than your current situation. You have the capacity to achieve much more than you have. Hence, you should neither be satisfied with the status quo nor settle down for mediocrity. Challenge yourself and take action to become better. You are only limited by factors such as your lack burning desire, determination and self-doubt, which are all within your control. In essence, it means that nothing can limit you except yourself. It is very important to remember that for any positive transformation to take place; all the following elements must be present: Dissatisfaction, Burning desire for a change and Action.

Dissatisfaction with the status quo is the origin of transformation. It is your dissatisfaction that stimulates in you the burning desire for a change. Your burning desire for a change will push you into actions that will ultimately lead to desired result. Therefore, it can be logically concluded that dissatisfaction is the foundation of transformation. The question now is this, are you happy with your current situation? If you are not, what is holding you back? What is holding you back from taking action? What else could it be other than your self-doubt? It is your self-doubt that creates fears of failure in you and consequently prevents you from taking the bold move to better life.

Deal with your self-doubt

The biggest challenge to transformation from your current undesirable situation is to challenge your own self-doubt. It is your self-doubt that defines and limits who you are. If you want to change what you are, you must take on your self-doubt. It is your self-doubt that keeps you small. It is your self-doubt that denies you those good things of life which you have been dreaming of but seem so far way from reality. Nobody can stand on your way except you and your self-doubt. You are not what other people call you; you are what you call yourself. If only you will take on your self-doubt, you will find the door to great achievement and freedom.

How to deal with your Self-Doubt

  • Exploit the power of your imagination: Your imagination is the picture you have in your mind about yourself. Always picture yourself successful in your mind. Visualize the person you desire to become. Set aside time everyday to be alone and undisturbed, meditate about that desirable future. See yourself in the new environment, capable and self-confident.
  • Reflect on your past success: Every success, be it large or small is a proof that you are capable of achieving more success. Celebrate each success. You can recall it when your self-doubt is about to come in.
  • Begin to see failures as temporary shortcomings and part of the process of success
  • Change your Words: Replace “I cannot afford it” with “How can I afford it?”; replace “I cannot do it” with “How can I do it?”; “replace what if it fails?” with “what if it succeeds?”

Dear readers do not allow your self-doubt to either cage or limit you. You have the capacity to become a better person than you are. Do not accept the status quo. Challenge it instead. Do not allow your self-doubt to create non-existing fears in you. Your fears are not real, they only exist in your mind. Have faith in yourself that you can do it. Remember that considering all the factors that were on ground, Obama (the current US president) did not have a great chance of winning his party’s ticket talk less of winning the general election. However, he took action despite the odds against him. That is why he is the president of the most powerful country on earth. Obama wouldn’t have been the US president today if he had allowed his self-doubt to prevent him from contesting. Can you do it? Yes, you can! You are more than this!

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Read, Act, Overcome and Succeed!

Muyiwa Okeola


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