Beyond what you know No 201006

There is this old common popular statement that “Knowledge is power” this statement is a big fallacy which for several years many of us have quoted on several occasions. Personally, I totally disagree with the school of thought which believes “knowledge is power”. You need more than knowledge to be powerful! Hence, I have come up with a modified version of this statement which depicts better what happens in the real life. Instead of making people believe that “Knowledge is power” I want all my readers to change it to: “Application of knowledge is Power”. It is not what you know that gives you power, rather it is your ability to convert what you know into a useful product or service that gives you the economy power.

Knowledge by itself is not an end but a means to an end. There are a lot of practical examples to illustrate this concept in our community. We have several professors who are very knowledgeable and at same time very poor. I believe you all agree with me that poverty is associated with powerlessness. Ironically, we have high school drop-outs or guys who made third class or ordinary pass from higher institutions and are very successful. It then means knowledge alone does not translate into power, being powerful goes beyond what you know!

If you don’t believe that knowledge alone is not power, how then do you explain why several knowledgeable professors are poor? The only logical explanation is that they have missed something out. They have missed out the link between knowledge and power. That link is the ability to apply all the complex theories in their brain to solve real life problems. They have not realized the fact that you only command and control human being if only you can solve their problems. You can neither command their attention nor control them if your knowledge does not solve any of their problems. Isaac Newton discovered the three laws of motion. These laws were as useless as anything until their principles were applied to invent useful items for humanity. Wright Brothers applied the principle of the Newton’s third law of motion (to every action, there is an equal but opposite reaction) to invent aircraft. Wright Brothers apply the principle that was not really meaningful to the masses, except scientists, to solve transportation problem for humanity. Imagine if Newton (I have a great respect for him and his ingenious discoveries in science) and the Wright Brothers were to be alive today, who will be richer and consequently more powerful?

As important as the concept of knowledge application is, only a very view people have realized the fact that you need more than Knowledge to move ahead successfully in life. In fact, some of them are only applying the concept unconsciously. It is very important to note that you can achieve more and succeed beyond your wildest imagination if you apply this concept. Look for ways of transforming your knowledge into something of value, product or service that will meet any of the human needs in the society. Don’t waste your skills or knowledge; seek how you can apply it to solve at least a problem for humanity and your life will be greatly transformed. Always remember this; it is not what you know that matters, but what you do with what you know.

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Read, Act, Overcome and Succeed!

Muyiwa Okeola


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