FEAR, The Enemy Of Success No 201005

Fear is nothing but the state of one’s mind. It is just an emotional feeling. However, whatever we become in life depends to a very large extent on how we handle our emotion of fear. When it comes to taking vital life changing decisions we all experience fear. The difference between successful people and mediocre is how each of them handles emotion of fear. For many people, emotion of fear generates the thoughts such as “Play it safe”, “Don’t take risk”. These kinds of thoughts produce nothing but mediocre results.  On the other hand, for those who are successful, the emotion of fear make them think of how to play it smart and learn to manage the risk. Same Emotion; different Being; different Thought; different Action and consequently different Result.

Fear is the most dangerous and powerful enemy of success. It prevents you from making decisions that can move you forward just because you are not sure of what the outcome will be. It distorts human thinking which ultimately results in making wrong decisions. Fear prevents people from getting out of their comfort zone into higher realm where they can enjoy better life. It limits human progress and achievement. Most people did not realize one tenth of their full potential during their life time, just because they were too afraid to venture out of their comfort zone and try out new things. Even some who ventured out are often easily defeated by fear. Please permit me to illustrate this with the story of Peter in the Bible, Matthew 14: 28-31.

It is very important to note that, Peter was already walking on the water to meet Jesus. However, as soon as the spirit of fear came over him, he began to sink. He was defeated by the spirit of fear and suddenly, what could have been a great success for him almost became a disaster. Thank God Jesus was nearby to rescue him. Most of us like Peter, at one point or the other in our life have allowed spirit of fear to truncate our success and consequently put an abrupt end to what could have become a great business, career or life changing achievement.

However, as dramatic as its effect can be on our life, most of our fears do not really exist in reality. They only exist in our imagination and mind. Only a few people have discovered this secret and use it to deal with emotion of fear to their advantage. This explains the reason why only a few people are successful in life. As you are reading this write-up, I want you to join the league of the few who have mastered the secret of dealing with fear. You need to understand that, that thing you are afraid of is not real, it is just a mirage. Do not allow it to prevent you from reaching your promise land. Make the bold move that you have been contemplating about over the years. Shift your focus from those negative and pessimistic thought about the project, business, career move or whatever fear has been preventing you from doing all these years. Instead of asking yourself what if it fails, why not ask yourself what if it succeeds. Think of the benefits of its success. Focus on the positive consequent you stand to enjoy when you achieve your goal to motivate yourself into action. Get out of your comfort zone and act now!

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Read, Act, Overcome and Succeed!

Muyiwa Okeola


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