Power of Vision No 201004

Vision is the ability to see a better and desirable future. It is a critical ingredient of success in life. Vision guarantees success. It is a vital requirement that any leader who is serious about leading successfully and creating a good legacy must possess. In fact, we are currently in this mess in Nigeria today due to lack of visionary leaders. Lack of vision breeds poverty and mediocrity. When there is no vision, there is no focus and direction. When there is no focus and direction, wastage of resources, both tangible and intangible is inevitable.

Every successful families, organization, and countries are blessed with visionary leaders. Real success, contrary to what most people think is not a function of material resources you currently possess. Rather, it is your ability to see a better future and then plan, organize as well as channel whatever resources you have to make the better future a reality tomorrow. Note that the resources here don’t have to be material, it can be intangible. This clearly explains the reason why countries with little or no natural resources are richer than most African countries with plenty of natural resources.

A very good case study is Nigeria and Singapore. Singapore, with no natural resources and a population of less than 5 million is the 5th wealthiest country in the world in term of GDP (PPP), while Nigeria is unfortunately among the poorest countries in the world despite her abundance natural and human resources. Singapore does not have crude oil and other natural resources like Nigeria, but is far more developed and richer than Nigeria just only because Singapore had the opportunity to be ruled by a visionary leader, Lee Kuan Yew. On the other hand, Nigeria and other African countries are being ruled by leaders without vision and consequently, they easily lose focus and direction. Instead of moving their countries forward they are busy moving backward because they do not have vision. See the table below for more comparisons.

Parameter Nigeria Singapore
Year of Independence 01 October 1960 31 August 1963
Land Area 923,768 sq km 710.2 sq km
Population 154.73 million 4.99 million
*1GDP (Purchasing Power Parity, PPP) $319.572 billion $239.146 billion
*1Per Capita $2,162 $56,226 (2008 est)
*2Foreign Reserve $43.5 billion $170.3 billion

*1 the figures are 2008 estimate

*2 the figures are 2009 estimate

Principle of vision applies to individuals, families, organizations and countries. Transformation of an individual, a family, an organization or a country is not a rocket science; all you need is Vision and burning desire for a change (a change for a better tomorrow). Vision is powerful; it makes a whole lot of difference in our world. It spurs your imagination which eventually forces you to act and ultimately leads to desired result.  It very important to remember that, what you cannot see, you cannot have. What you see is what you get.

As an individual, what is your vision for your life? As the head of family, what is your vision for your family? As a business owner, what is your vision for your business? As a community or political leader, what is your vision for the country? Do you have a vision at all? How do you see your life, family, organization, your business or the country in the next 10 to 20 years? Remember, what you see is what you get!

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Muyiwa Okeola


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  1. Bode says:

    Great job. Well done

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