Setting and Achieving Goals 3 -No 201003

Your goals are building blocks of the bridge between where you are and where you intend to be (your VISION). Planning facilitates your movement across the bridge. It helps you to efficiently organize your resources to achieve your goals.

The process of achieving your goals consists of three main steps. These steps are BE, DO and HAVE. My focus this week is on these steps to wrap up our discussion on Setting and Achieving goals.


The first and the most critical step is “BE”. That is who you have to become to be able to do things you need to do to achieve your goals. It has to do with who you need to become at the core of your being. It deals with your attitude of mind. Since your goals are things that you have not achieved before, you will need to drop your old self to become a new “being” with the capacity to achieve your goals. Most of the times you need to drop your age long habit for you to achieve landmark goals. It requires complete change of who you are. You need to be transformed personally to become the right “being” with capacity to do consistently what you need to do, (even when you don’t feel like doing it) to get to your final destination.

Most often, many people fail to achieve their goals because they fail to address this area. They set goals and start doing but eventually lose steam because they lack the “being” that is needed to move on in them. A common illustration of this is the New Year resolution. It is a common knowledge that most people hardly observe their New Year resolution beyond the first week of the year. On the New Year eve, Mr A tells himself, “I will stop smoking this year so that I won’t have cancer (Health goal)”. Before you know it our friend is smoking again on the fourth day of the New Year. This is simply because he has not become the right “being” to stop smoking. Consequently, he misses his Health goal again just within the first week of the New Year.

How do you become the right “being” who is capable of doing what you need to do consistently to become who you want to become? This is very simple; all it requires is nothing but Discipline! Discipline!! and Discipline!!!. The secrete is self discipline. You need self discipline to make all the necessary sacrifices to achieve your goals. You need to be disciplined to drop your age long habits before you can achieve your goals.


Trying to Do before “being” simply leads to abandonment of goals. However, once you have the right “being” in you, the next step is what you need to do, the actions you need to take. The first action you need to take is to PLAN. Planning as I said earlier helps you to organize your resources efficiently toward the achievement of your goals. Planning helps you to be focused, come up with strategies to achieve your goals and keep you on course. Remember failure to plan is planning to fail.

After planning the next thing is to start executing the plans that will ultimately lead you to achieve your goals. However, as you are “doing”, it is very important to always assess your actions. Each time you are doing something, always ask yourself “Is what I am doing or about to do taking me closer to any of my goals”? If the answer is yes, ride on. Otherwise, you need to pause and change your ways. The point I am making here is that you must ensure that your actions are consistent with your goals. Imagine someone who wants to live long but smokes at least one packet of cigarette and drinks at least one carton of bear daily. We all know what the end result is going to be.


“Have” is the goal itself. Becoming the right “being” who is “Doing” the right thing will ultimately and surely lead you to HAVE what you desire. Always remember the sequence, Be, Do and then Have. You need to Be someone new to Do the right things for you to Have what you want.

I hope you have set your goals for the year, if you have not, do it now! It is better late than never. If you want to become somebody in life you need to cultivate the habit of setting goals. A goalless life is an aimless life. He does not have any control what so ever over his future. He has no option than to take whatever life gives to him.

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Read, Act, Overcome and Succeed!

Muyiwa Okeola


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